March 25, 2014

casual colonial I

recently, we had the honor of working with the incomparable Johnny Roxburgh from The Admirable Crichton for the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards 2014 celebrations held at three different venues in Kuala Lumpur.  apart from having the opportunity to showcase our work to a prestigious pool of celebrities and sports talents from around the world, our team also won the praise and admiration of the man himself, Johnny Roxburgh, who complemented our angels for their absolutely gorgeous and professional work.  
our first collaboration with Mr. Roxburgh was at the Carcosa Seri Negara for a welcoming party prior to the main event.  Mr. Roxburgh wanted to showcase the radiant colors of tropical Malaysia amidst the romantic charms of the luxurious Carcosa Seri Negara.  so, our angels took to the task of arranging luscious deposits of orchids, heliconias and gingers in fuchsias, pinks, purples and oranges at strategic corners and surfaces to add much needed color and splendor to the pale walls of the colonial building.  generous sprinklings of pincushions and alliums were added for character and vitality.