January 5, 2010

jai ho!

bold, beautiful, bollywood! these were the words that described the floral arrangements we created for our equally bold, beautiful & bollywood-worthy client, Shaline. the colors we picked for her flowers were inspired by the brilliance of spices and sarees: reds, magentas and oranges. the fabrics we picked were a balance of demure whites and striking reds, pinks and blues.
the centerpiece of the whole affair was the mandap that we decked with bulbous orbs of roses, orchids and chunky hydrangeas. fine curtains of stringed tuberoses scented the air around the mandap in blissful aroma.
tables were set with patterned overlays of red, cream and soft coral while the rose and orchid center pieces on the tables were accented with resplendent peacock feathers.
we erected two ganeshas and dressed them in red, purple, orange, yellow and green pompoms. we used white ping pongs to add details to the harnesses of the jumbos and hung tassels of purple orchids and yellow pompoms over their enormous green button pompom-encrusted ears.
white giant parasols added a touch of romance and sophistication to the event. to add elegance to these pieces, we dripped pink crystals all around the edges. when lit during the night, these canopies transformed the garden into a mythical playground.
words can't seem to describe the sights to behold. Suffice it to just let your eyes feast on these photos.