January 11, 2010

surreal serenity

Take a deep breath and step gingerly onto the pebbled steps into the garden. The earth beneath you is covered in moss and dappled with delicate ferns. Palm fronds and giant fern leaves tower overhead, a kaleidoscope of smaller-sized leaves of various shapes and patterns surround you, an array of blooms in shades of purple, magenta, pink and white peeks through, hovers above and lurks beneath the greenery.

Now, release your breath. Inhale and slowly take in the lingering scents of jasmine, tuberose, eucalyptus and pandan. Let the aroma flood your senses. Reach out and touch the velvety rose petals, cymbidiums and hydrangeas. Run your fingers over the delicate lisianthus, matiolas and agapanthus. Rub your palms against the tufts of foxtails and braids of amaranthus. Feel the lilies quiver under your touch. Feel how your pressure points react upon touching the lotus pods. Marvel at the sizes of the brassicas and alocasias. Change your views about the gaudy bougainvilleas and have a heart for the mother-in-law’s tongues.

Hold still and listen. Hear the bubbling water. Let your eyes follow it flowing over the worn-out stone grinder into the moss and lichen-encrusted vessel beneath. See your awestruck face reflected on the surfaces of the water in the earthen jars and ancient urns.

Look up and behold the silver splendour of the royal throne, bejewelled in translucent pink and clear crystals, and crowned by towering curtains of white flowing gauze and drops of pearly white crystals.

Turn around and face an audience of white overlaid tables and transparent crystal chairs. Focus your gaze onto the tiny twinkling spectrums of rainbow colored light escaping through the nooks and crannies of the chairs. Then, look at the floral arrangements on the tables. Notice that there are also juicy aubergines, succulents, plantains and limes bursting amongst the thick foliage. See that each arrangement is unique, disparate from its neighbour, beautiful in its own peculiarity. Thank God for the wholesome experience savoured in solemn tranquillity.

Surreal darling!

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