January 12, 2010

lovely, liana

Location, location, location! Our client, Liana, lives just next door to the clubhouse and she had the place booked for her engagement party. Perfect! That provided us with ample space to lay out a fabulous setting for her do. Voluminous tents to dine under, plentiful ottomans to lounge over, long walkways, wide pathways, and a beautiful landscape, offer us plenty of opportunities to deck & do. Her choice of pastel colors painted the perfect ambience while the use of candles in votive cups and on candelabras (the 5-prong type, honey, not the middle-eastern type) provided a playful charm that captivated her guests the whole evening.

The main allure during the occasion, apart from the blushing bride-to-be of course, was the divine pelamin that we designed and meticulously pieced together especially for her. To the left of the pelamin we placed three floral arrangements consisting of roses in gorgeous pink, champagne & cream, hydrangeas in stunning pink, blue & green, and adorning braids of green amaranthus all placed atop buxom white Grecian urns. Each arrangement was set at a different height for drama. To the right of the pelamin we put up a tall stand of bleached manzanita branches decked with weeping faux wisterias. At the crux of the branches was a ball of pink and cream roses garnished with green hydrangeas. The drama continues with thin drops of silver beads, teardrop crystals and votive candles in glass jars hung on nylon ribbons that all seemed to rain down from amongst the branches. We set a white rattan-backed loveseat upon a platform between the unfolding dramas. Finally, we draped three layers of sheer white jersey from left to right behind the loveseat for the ultimate feminine touch.

Lovely, darling!

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