May 6, 2010


with God's grace, we have prospered tremendously since our humble beginnings back in 2004. we now have a commendable team with members who toyed, tinkered and toiled relentlessly to create the signature look that enchanted the senses and captivated the hearts of our growing population of discerning clients. with all the milestones that we have achieved, the orders we have secured, and the props we have bought, we have now ran out of space in our quaint little shop. so, in order not to stump the growth of our creative neurons and to enable our enterprising team to craft evermore fabulous creations, we have acquired additional space at Suite 2.09 of the Ampwalk mall. it’s two doors away from our existing plot, a bit nippy but just as fabulous as you would expect. feel free to drop by and see for yourself.

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Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

congratulations to u abg ajak!! :D