May 19, 2010

take a bough

‘twas with glee that we exploited the fine interiors of our client, Nadia, and transformed the space into an arboretum of color and textural play for her engagement ceremony. we brought the outside inside, quite literally. we erected overhanging branches that sprouted from marble urns and meandered onto the walls to reach the high ceilings. we let creeping lianas twined and coiled themselves over the banisters of the staircase leading up to the second floor of the inner courtyard. upon this web of intertwining branches, we perched fresh blooms in multi-colored splendour. there were bunches of hydrangeas, stalks of orchids and bouquets of roses tied, tucked and pasted all over the intricate mesh.

moving on to the heart of the event, a beautiful stage was set by the renown Pak Abu where Nadia would be officially betrothed. here, we erected a floral arbor framing the stage backdrop and laid out floral bushes over the sides of the double-tiered stage, spilling onto the carpeted floor. we repeated the same exploits with colorful blooms splashed across the arbor and the bushes.

outside, we placed hints of the goings on inside with patches of like-colored and -textured center pieces displayed on each dinner table. we were truly overwhelmed by the experience and we hoped our client felt as enchanted as we were.

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