February 22, 2011


it rained again on a wedding reception we did at the Mandarin Oriental last Sunday. but this time it was all ribbons in yarns of nylon and organza, tipped with glorious wisterias and chiffon orchids. we made sure that every attending guest would be rained on by having the splendid shower of ribbons at the main entrance. of course the newlyweds and the VIPs had to endure their own dazzling downpours throughout the entire night because we created even more splendid sprinkles where they sat. working with fellow floraphiles from Singapore, we added a whimsical flair to the tables with fanciful topiaries of roses, eustomas, hydrangeas and eucalyptus that we alternated with stands of salix garnished with tulips, roses, matthiolas and hydrangeas. have a look:

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