February 28, 2011

marrakesh mix

when the venue is already an architecturally marvelous space decked with exotic charms from faraway places, we usually venture no further than to fill the few nooks and crannies with unobtrusive embellishments. this was the case last weekend when we were commissioned to adorn a client's picturesque home in Tropicana for an engagement ceremony. the Moorish-inspired interiors were already articulating a romantic mystique to the ambience and they needed just the slightest floral touches to befit the occasion. so, we chose a neutral palette for our gatherings of mostly exuberant roses and hydrangeas that we garnished with succulent cymbidiums and blissfully fragrant tuberoses. we dressed the dining tables in luxuriant bronze-tinged songket with gold treads and weighed them down with adorable clear votives, loose gatherings in pearl-encrusted shot glasses and centerpieces of golden water pitchers in beds of roses and hydrangeas.


ellora said...

love the flowers... very nicely done!

flower guru said...

thank you kindly, darling! ;-)

nadiah D. said...

hello mr razak, beautifully done flowers arrangement .. so exotic in its own way, yet so refreshing..if you can add your personal touch to mine, may you provide me with the quotation for a wedding dais at home,will ya? =)thank you.. nadiahdenil@yahoo.com