April 25, 2011

tropical treat

recently, Exxon Mobil held a corporate dinner at the Saloma Bistro and engaged our team to enliven the 60's styled venue. the choice theme was vibrant tropical colors with touches of traditional Malay elements. so, we featured the tropical colors in our pick of flowers and fruits, the traditional Malay elements in the fabric and props. guests heading to the bistro were welcomed by a golden pohon beringin juxtaposed with sentinels of tall tropical arrangements floated on clear cylinders upon black pedestals emblazoned with bold traditional motifs in gold. more tropical arrangements welcomed the guests as they proceeded to the curtained main entranced. once inside, guests were treated to an assembly of colorful tropical gardens set upon tables draped in rich songket. upon close inspection, guests would notice that each garden was arranged to be different from the one on the next table with its own mix of fruits and flowers. it's a practice our team simply loves to do and we know our client loved it too!

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