June 27, 2011

middle earth

fairy lights and white blooms glorified the surround of this client's home in Petaling Jaya where an akad nikah ceremony was held. our team had a splendid time decking the venue with brilliant lights and copious amounts of raindrop crystals and apple blossoms, transforming an otherwise regular evening into a magical experience. we set up transparent tents with crystal chandeliers for guests to dine, sitting on white chiavary chairs around tables covered in sequined silver overlays. we adorned each table with gatherings of roses and hydrangeas in resplendent colors garnished with samplings of succulent grapes and berries. the highlight of the evening was the pelamin with its lush canopy of apple blossoms and hanging tea lights. we arranged beneath it a plush settee upon a double tiered dais covered in rich silver carpeting. of course no pelamin of ours is complete without our flowers! this time, we created two explosions of colors on oversize rustic urns at one corner, trailed by a detritus of equally explosive colors to the left and right of the settee.