June 27, 2011


the pelamin we did last december has become one of the most favored and most requested by our clients. of course, to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for each new client, we had to make each successive pelamin as distinct as possible without compromising on the original look. for this wedding reception at the Legend Hotel, we added several details to the pelamin for that distinct touch. we dropped a trio of white fabric to the left and right of the pelamin for added volume and cinched each fabric with an oversize felt bloom for added texture. of course, the choices of fresh flowers for this pelamin also set it apart from the original and the other 'duplicates'. with fresh flowers, every occasion is unique!

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azizah said...

Salam En. Razak. Yang ni cantik sangat. Grand and elegant.
What's the budget to decorate this ballroom : pelamin, main table, aisle & entrance?
Please email to azizahkatan@gmail.com.