July 8, 2011

silver lining

we did it again! as much as we wanted to venture to new designs, we had to relent when it came to the wishes of our dear clients. so, instead of featuring a new design, we ended up recreating a design from a previous event that had gotten the client besotted. of course! but instead of lamenting on a lost cause, we created a new challenge by reinterpreting the look in a new light. the 'new' design might look familiar but it would never be the same. so, you may think that you've seen the look in today's post here, here, or even here. the chairs, the dais, or the overlays may be the same. but look closer. notice the arrangements, the shapes and the colors of the flowers. see how familiar but different they look in each event. so naturally, apart from the deliberate reinterpretation, each of our event is different because we champion the use of fresh flowers!