July 18, 2011

whiter shade of pale

an all-white event has its fair share of joy and anxiety for our creative team. naturally, we have less to worry about when it comes to picking the right color. so, that's a joy for us to relish! but we do have the details to fuss about lest we bore our client with monotony. this is where our creative minds have to work overtime! for this wedding reception held recently at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur, we included a rich mix of textures and slight tinges of color to the decor to ensure a joyous reception for our client and a gratifying accomplishment for our team yet again. it may remind you of the reception dinner we did last december but actually stands on its own when it comes to the details.


alleeya said...
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Zyra Zul'aiz said...

Salam...hye..me Zai..nak tanye kan slalu kalau theme mcm nie range dlm bpe? =)