July 16, 2010


last night, ten million fireflies descended upon the congregation that was celebrating the union of Liyana & Syafiq. they lit up the open spaces under giant translucent canopies, looking iridescent to curious passers-by and electrifying to the dining guests below. upon a 3-tiered dais, sat the charming and gleaming newlyweds surrounded by masses of flower clusters cascading from giant frames and bursting from oversize vessels in a dazzling celebration of spring colors. there were roses in creams, champagnes and pinks, eustomas in creams and pinks, hydrangeas in pinks, delphiniums in purples, mokaras in fuchsias, oncidiums, craspedias, pompoms and lilies in yellows. the beautiful blooms were also adorning the table tops on single dome stands and triplets of shorter stands. but none could compare in lushness to the mass of colors sprawling on and tumbling over the petite sweetheart table set on an equally diminutive dais in the middle of the adoring guests. may the two sweethearts live their lives together lush with love, joy and happiness, amin…


Nadia said...

razak, can u email me dais and hall deco quotation to mohdnor.nadia@gmail.com? and do you do outstation job? thanks,nadia

The Thirsty Dreamer said...

i LOVE your work! you do such wonderful decor!! can you please send me the quotation for this one as well please? my email is st.jas.zl@gmail.com.