November 15, 2011

chrysanthemum throne

we ourselves were stunned but our dear client persisted with her audacious resolve. so, we relented and proceeded coating the backdrop of her pelamin (courtesy of omar khan collective) with a black veneer. and what a consequence! the spectacle punctuated the demure ambiance of her nikah ceremony at Serene Kiara with a clear statement: black, bold, beautiful! to complement her daring stand, we embellished the venue with equally bold floral declarations in hues of oranges, peaches, champagnes and creams that frothed forth from glass vases encrusted with lace. we concluded our decorative pronouncement of the day with a delightfully made sweetheart table bubbling and cascading with romantic floral attestations. all-hail to the king and queen of the day!


fathiyah said...


i really interested with ur pelamin..may i know d price for this pelamin only?

kindly reply at my email:

city said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing...