June 25, 2012

yellow fever

saturday morning was balmy with hints of cloudier weather later in the day. but beyond the calm exterior of Flora Terrace, the atmosphere was bordering on feverish as angels and mortals were hurrying about arranging cutlery, putting finishing touches on centerpieces and ensuring that the models were done with their fittings. yes, last saturday, our restaurant was not only serving fusion morsels to patrons but also playing host to an alliance of three players in fine tastes. our dear friends from Tiffany collaborated with Syomir Izwa and La Mer for an afternoon of entertainment and relaxation in the striking confines of our very own Flora Terrace. Flora Etc, of course, provided the flowers and hantaran vessels amongst and on which Tiffany displayed a sampling of their jewelry, sterling silver, stationery, fragrance, personal accessories, and leather goods collections. all eyes were focused on their rare yellow diamonds, especially the two chunky security personnels who arrived with the items! while the young and talented Syomir Izwa featured his spring/summer 2012 collection on lithe models, La Mer provided pampering and rejuvenating massages on the tired hands (and restless souls) of guests of the day's luncheon and fashion show. our angel, Lan, and his two trusted apprentices, Khairul Ikhwan and Rahimah, were pivotal in ensuring that the day's proceedings went on as planned. kudos to our in-house crew members as well as those from Tiffany, Syomir Izwa and La Mer for a great collaboration.

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