August 27, 2012

breaking monsoon

our angels took an early leave at the end of last ramadan in order to regroup in Kota Baru on the second day of Eid Fitri for another exciting assignment. a client had requested for an English garden themed wedding in his beautifully planned private residence overlooking the Kelantan river. the focal point of the occasion would be the pelamin incased in a sunroom facing the client's well-manicured garden. of course, we breathe and live drama. so, in order not to take our client's request too literally (or bore our angels indiscriminately), we decided to interpret the theme quite differently. our inspiration for the pelamin came in the image of a giant crystal chandelier crashing down onto a garden, spewing shards of broken glass helter-skelter, raining glittering debris all over, resulting in a spectacular and memorable sight to behold. and judging from the reaction of our client and his guests when they saw the spectacle we created, we believe that we've succeeded in bringing our inspiration to life!