August 1, 2012

intricate affair

a lone tree leaned graciously over the entrance of the Royale Bintang the Curve ballroom, serenely awaiting the arrival of guests to Astro's iftar event with reps from the local media.  pendants hung from the murayya branches gave away the festive theme of the occasion.  the representative from Astro who discussed the event with two of our angels wanted to add traditional elements to the decor to reflect the festive mood of the occasion.  to evade triteness with the use of familiar elements such as the ketupat or pelita, our angels suggested using Astro's "Eratkan Jalinan" campaign logo as pendants (hanging ketupats) and table runners. the use of greens, whites and creams in the flowers and table overlays further heightened the festive feel and melded the decor seamlessly with the calm interior of the ballroom.