October 2, 2012

chic conversation

last weekend, our angels were in Ipoh to grace the residence of a dear client with some floral flair and fine touches.  the client was formally introducing her baby boy to her extended family and relatives with a majlis cukur jambul.  as the decor would be crucial for a lasting impression, she gave us free rein to embellish her residence accordingly. our angels had picked her living hall as the main area for the event where the baby boy in his cradle would be the center of the whole affair.  so, to create the desired look, our angels had to literally transform the space from typical to topical.  first, they covered the plaster walls and marbled floor with wooden panels washed in white.  then they added two panels of latticework styled in classical quatrefoil to evoke dialogue.  for lasting conversations, fine and classical architectural pieces were added to the developing drama.  garden and household accessories added inflections and variety.  and finally, splashes of purples and blues were propped, gathered, and sprawled across the decorated space for conversations that would be repeated over and over.