February 4, 2010

inside outside

If you have plenty to hide from your guests during your daughter’s all important wedding day, use draping. For our client who wished to have their pelamin in the driveway (of all places!), we draped the area white so guests will focus their attention on the simple yet adorable pelamin and décor and not too much on that air-cond condenser unit sticking out like a pimple for all the world to see in one of the walls!

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Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

hai abg ajak! it's good to see u here!!! :D
thanks for the comment in my blog, eventhough u typed the wrong name (Mya instead of Suzana) i'm still happy hehe! FYI, Mya's blog is http://4weddingku.blogspot.com/
hope to see more of ur creations in ur blog.
many thanks!