February 22, 2010

man, oman!

we received an order for a hand bouquet to be presented to an envoy from Oman and we were more than delighted to oblige. so, we picked 3 of our favourite types of flowers and created a bouquet worthy of the attention of our dignified foreign visitor. there were roses of course, thick, velvety and fiery crimson. next, there were cymbidiums, all crunchy, succulent and mellow in yellow. and lastly, hydrangeas, fluffy, full-bodied and fabulous. of course, we’re never happy unless we added in extras. so, we threw in a bunch of cream roses and white lilies for good measure, and bundled everything snug and comfy with a handful of variegated iron leaves (dracaena massangeana) and bear grass. the result? my, oh my!

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