September 28, 2010

feast bazaar

guests attending last Saturday's Maybank Raya do were treated to a Moorish-inspired banquet of delectable food, fun and fantastical floral displays. in keeping with the theme and spirit of the event, we decorated the cavernous lobby of the Maybank tower with curtained golden arches, drapes in luxuriant olive green and gold, moroccan lamps tall and rounded in different colors and designs, and of course, flower arrangements in cutesy posies, tall center pieces and majestic colorful palm trees. we hope the people at Maybank enjoyed the day as much as we enjoyed decorating for them.


aimee said...


i am interested in enganging flora etc as my decorator for my wedding nxt yr. i am currenly not in msia. is there anyway of being in contact?

thanks, aimee

flower guru said...

thank you for your interest, aimee. we'd be happy to work with you. our address and phone number are in my profile. please feel free to contact us anytime.

aimee said...

hello, ive actually met with khalid just before raya, however, i left his namecard in kl, hence i dont have his email add. would it be possible if he could contact e at pls?