September 27, 2010

silk road

the damp weather last Friday didn't bother us one bit when we arrived at the swank dwelling of a client in Duta Nusantara. the flowers loved it we knew. our client was hosting a Raya do and we were on site to liven it up with colors and textures befitting our client's spicy color palette. but, alas, the cozy setting of the guest tables in the car port was rather unexpected as it did not accommodate the size of our glass islands where we'd intended to populate with loose floral gatherings. so, we shoved the glass islands aside and rearranged our flowers accordingly. and everything looked stunning still.

inside the lovely dwelling, we melded our flowers into the different chosen surfaces that were exquisitely draped in rich Oriental colors and patterns. we kept our arrangements low and compact on the coffee and dining tables but let the flowers reach up and out from above the piano and cabinet. before we left, we lit all the accompanying block candles but saved the tea lights for the hostess to light just minutes before her evening started.

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