September 7, 2010

double happiness

last week, we gathered everyone at our boutique to celebrate two occasions. firstly, we wanted to share the blessings of ramadhan by having iftar together. secondly, we wanted to celebrate the birthdays of the two leading ladies in our team, Kak Long Hamimah and Akin, whose birthdays happen to fall in this blessed month of ramadhan. the atmosphere outside was electric with the beautiful Raya decor lighting up the mall and memorable Raya tunes playing over the PA system. inside, it was festive with the mouth watering scents of home cooked delicacies lingering in the air and the sounds of laughter and friendly conversations edging out all the restive thoughts of work. it was a time to unwind and deliberate upon the good deeds and fortunes we have experienced and be thankful for all the blessings granted upon us. we hope and pray to be blessed another fantastical floral journey till the next iftar gathering next year insyallah.

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Drama Queen said...

Just want to check if u also do decors for potong jambul? If yes, can u email me at pls. Thanks.