September 19, 2010

french kiss

it rained crystals at the Frangipani restaurant Saturday night and we were the perpetrators. we were also responsible for dressing up the tables with layers of lush industrial grey fabrics in sequins. they complemented the restaurant’s ornately patterned stainless steel walls quite elegantly. we decked all the tables with mirrored planters that we filled to the brim with luscious roses, fluffy hydrangeas, crisp mokaras and succulent callas. the blooms burnt pink to rustic red throughout the night. of course, the actual flames came from the hundreds of candles we placed on lofty chrome candle stands and crystal table chandeliers as well as in patterned and crackled cylinders and votive cups we placed snugly between and around the flowers. to finish off, we placed a dainty red mokara on each folded napkin so everyone would feel special. but lest the birthday girl felt left out, we did up her chair with flowers so everyone would know that she’s the princess of the night. muah!

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