March 31, 2011

the rite of spring

people never tire of the garden themed wedding and in the years we have been in this business, the theme has popped up in our work in more times than we dare to remember. but we savor the challenge of presenting a familiar theme in a new light, regardless. recently at the Shangri-la hotel grand ballroom, we graced the hall with another garden-style wedding reception in shades of purples, lilacs, champagnes and creams. all the familiar features were evident--the token roman pavilion and pillars, whitewashed planter boxes, and overhanging branches festooned with drooping blooms. but it's the details that set this seemingly familiar setting apart from previous 'garden variety' cases. note how the staggered draping at the entrance added depth to the whole structure, making it a more welcoming site. also note our use of a pintuck fabric with borders as carpeting on the main aisle in place of the usual and uninspiring red carpet (although we still refer to it as 'the red carpet'). and of course, our use of fresh flowers in our creations always guarantee that each occasion is unique compared to any other.

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