October 1, 2011

golden splendor

our words would fall flat in a futile attempt to describe the experience we had fulfilling the dream of a dear client who wished to commemorate her special day in traditional splendor and charm. simply put, the experience was phenomenal. but let us just share a little of what we did.

within the confines of our client's breathtaking home, we meticulously arranged lush floral compositions in strategic locations to complement the superbly-built architecture of the spaces. we placed great emphasis on the use of fine decorative details and rich fabric to add subtle but luxuriant touches to the traditional design. warm light from candles and chandeliers added a romantic flair while ambient light reflected off crystals and transparent surfaces added chicness to the whole affair. we relish in the knowledge that our client was supremely pleased with our efforts. we wish her and her husband an everlasting splendid experience together.

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