October 2, 2011

heaven on earth

enter a heavenly earth rife with traditional lores and religious rites. move gingerly lest you miss the aesthetic sustenance painstakingly afforded by minion earth angels out of love and passion. sway your gaze over the muted canvas and take in the depth and harmony. breath in the crisp essences of citrus and fresh appeal. pause a moment and drink up the lingering scent of tuberose and jasmine. reach out to touch the tender shoots and soft sprouts. marvel at the reassuring green of leaves drooping in humility or standing proud and looming majestic. feel the comfort of petals, smooth or velvety, ever alluring even in white. bathe in the soft glow. relish the warmth emanating from the flickering candle lights as well as from the quiet whispers of the awed and inspired. rejoice in the zikr and prayers of the elements and the well-wishers, all communing to supplicate His blessings unto this glorious union of two hearts.


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