March 8, 2012

2012 a space odyssey

welcome aboard the spaceplane flora iii for an evening of light and refreshing entertainment. please stow your worries and anxieties at the door and enjoy the sights and sounds of peace and comfort for the full duration of your experience. as you enter, feast your eyes on the chic gatherings of lithe white callas paired with succulent green anthuriums amongst a retinue of flickering candles in clear cylinders and votives. please take your seat along the viking setting covered with turquoise overlays. make sure that the cushion you sit on is properly secured to your crystal chiavari chair. if you are seated facing the stairs to the next level, be sure to appreciate the cascades of white phalaenopsis orchids upon an airy composition of leaning green callas, floating anthuriums and snug echeverias. if you are seated facing the window, be sure to enjoy the flickering candles incased in tall clear cylinders arranged in clusters along the platform. as you enjoy your refreshments, also relish the generous portions of tulips, hydrangeas, callas and hyacinths served to you in loose posies. we must remind you that this is a non-smoking experience, should you wish to smoke, please proceed to the next level to enjoy your private session in the company of floating callas and water hyacinths. if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask one of our angels. thank you.

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