March 27, 2012

wow factor

hip urban spaces make excellent choices for event venues. they also provide refreshing esthetic inspirations to our angels. this was the reason for their excitement last weekend when our client, Danny, chose Zebra Square in Jalan Kampung Pandan as the venue for his wedding reception dinner. the gravel-topped grounds, bare cement floors and high-ceilinged interiors of the complex provided plenty of raw spaces for our angels to explore and showcase their creative charms. although we revisited a previous design for the pelamin, the chic space and subdued color palette that Danny picked staved off all recollections of the past. we also like to add that our bespoke candelabras brought all attentions to a new height, quite literally. to all fans of Danny who might find it unnerving to have him missing in our photos, we suggest you go here to get an eyeful of him and his new bride.

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