December 29, 2010

into the sublime

we're back! exhausted from all the excitement but eager to share all that we've accomplished. but first let us get back to the promise we made before we left. we've been keeping things under wraps for good measure but now it's time to let it all out. we'll dispense with the gossipy details and impress you with the esthetics instead.

in today's post, we present to you the pelamin that we created for our client's nikah ceremony at his home in bukit tunku. although it was an all-white occasion, we filled the white canvas with a rich array of textures and shapes to create those emotive depth and feel befitting this most auspicious of days.

we started with the walls by draping it with fine curtains of billowy white fabric. at the far end, we erected a double-tiered dais wrapped in luxuriant white carpeting embellished with clusters of oversized pearls and diamond-shaped crystals set upon ruffled white satin. we repeated this embellishment on the outer perimeter of the double-layered backdrop. in the sunken center of the backdrop, we covered the wall with a breathtaking-composition of giant felt blooms in four distinct designs.

in front of the backdrop, we erected a barricade of fabric-covered pedestals in varying heights decked with fresh gatherings of white roses, brassicas and hydrangeas. we lined the bases of the pedestals with more of the oversized felt blooms. beyond the floral barricade, we arranged two clusters of fresh blooms set upon slim pedestals wrapped in corduroy and ringed with pearl-encrusted ribbons. the cluster on the left consisted of posies of white astilbes and white tulips while the cluster on the right consisted of posies of white lilacs on beds of white hydrangeas. at the bases of the clusters, more giant felt blooms!

on the settee we set upon the dais, we laid out plush cushions either in covers of beaded-pearls or translucent sequin-trimmed terry cloth. we finished off the royal seating arrangement with a pair of handmade ostrich plume fans embellished with clusters of pearls and sprinkled with diamantes. the details beget the drama, darling!