July 17, 2012

tales from earthsea: a prelude

for the assignment in that piece of heaven on earth, we afforded the creative touches of two angels, Iman and Lan, to adorn the windswept oceanfront compounds of the client with our signature floral gatherings. our client was abundantly generous to lend a few delicate hands to prep the flowers for our angels so they could work with ease. apart from decking the outdoors, our angels also created centerpieces for the indoors. in this post, we feature the work our angels did for the dining table in the house. they topped an assembly of clear glass cylinders in varying sizes and heights arranged lengthwise across the table with loose gatherings of locally bought flowers in mostly neutral hues. flashes of bright yellows, oranges, and pinks added vitality to the assembly. lit block candles finished the look, radiating an ethereal glow across the surface of the table, giving the illusion that the flowers were floating on air.