July 14, 2010

purple paradiso

purple-hued pachyderms paraded in the lobby of the KL Convention Center last Saturday, stretching their black spindly legs over the brightly carpeted walkway in boots of lush purple larkspurs, deep purple hydrangeas and eustomas highlighted with clusters of lavender roses. arriving guests were amazed by the sheer size of these purple beasts as they made their way into the main hall, pausing briefly to admire the clusters of purple mokaras, lavender roses and deep purple hydrangeas perched on the limbs of the beasts.

inside, the guests were astounded by the rows of handsomely dressed tables decked with ornate table pieces accented with lush flower arrangements. on the high table, more lush florals blossomed on the overlays beneath fanciful table chandeliers and trickled down the side in cascades of curving purple callas and chained crystals.

sitting stately on the stage at the end of the hall, another massive beast stared back at all the gawking guests, its limbs and crown of curving tentacles covered in thousands upon thousands of tiny square mirrors. inside its enormous gaping mouth, thousands of hydrangeas, roses and eustomas, tumbled onto the bare stage in a flurry of purples and lavenders. later it was reported that none of the flowers was left behind at the end of the event. all were taken down and spirited away by the leaving guests.

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