July 7, 2010


as much as we love indulging ourselves with modern elements in our designs, we never turn our backs on the more tradional elements. so, when the chance to work out a traditional malay themed wedding arrived, we grabbed it.

our client picked green and gold as the main colors. we presented these in the fabrics used for the table overlays and the drapes, as well as in the ornaments used in the pelamin. somewhat a unique feature that we used were the ‘gold-plated’ betel leaves that we suspended over stringed jasmines in panels that we used as a backdrop for the pelamin. the gold leaves complemented the gilded chairs and motifs of the pelamin quite beautifully. the apple green velvet we picked to cover the 5-tiered pelamin was nothing short of looking regal and demure at the same time.

on this occasion, our client was keen on presenting not only a feast to the eyes but also a savory olfactory experience. so, apart from the usual eye-catching floral entres, we also served aromatic ylang ylang, cempakas, tuberoses and jasmines in our arrangements. we upped the fragrant feel a notch by adding generous sprinklings of bunga mawar on all the dinner tables as well as the main table. here are a few shots of our work inside the Shangri-La ballroom minutes before the start of the event:

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