July 7, 2010


it was our very first foray into the land below the winds when we were commissioned to adorn the Magellan Ballroom at the Sutera Harbour Resort for a wedding reception. arriving with much anticipation, we didn't quite know what to expect. the tastes and fancies of the people are quite different, so we were told. but after spending time working and sharing our passion with the good people there, we left full of satisfaction knowing that we have won their hearts with our touch. here are glimpses of our work:

guests entering the ballroom were greeted by an arbor of locally sourced branches painted white and festooned with faux wisterias, lakspurs, pearl crystals and hanging tea candles in glass jars. further in, the aisles were lined with decors on high pedestals. white branches were anchored to the bases of fresh florals in glorious lavenders, purples, pinks, creams and champagnes, and tea candles in glass jars were also hung from the ends of the branches. at the center of the festivity, we erected a pelamin with an arch of white branches fringed with faux hydrangeas, wisterias and larkspurs. for the backdrop, we hung an ornate white-washed fiberglass frame that we filled with faux hydrangeas, ranunculus and peonies in all the glorious colors of the fresh blooms. we also decked the main table with fresh blooms and block candles for the honoured guests to savor.