July 7, 2010

magic mirrors on the wall

of course, we provided the gorgeous floral arrangements to accentuate this impressive majlis bernikah setting provided by Pak Abu. muted creams, ivory and whites in the roses, hydrangeas, orchids, tulips and callas with touches of moss and chartreuse greens in the hydrangeas and anthuriums. simply as demure and alluring as the bride of the day.

we continued the theme into the hallways, down the grand staircase, out the main entrance and onto the canopies out in the open where guests were enjoying the food while watching the goings-on upstairs on flat screens installed in each canopy. we dressed the tables in green and accentuated the tops with simple loose posies in green cylinders. white washed floral panels separated the canopies while allowing guests to play peekaboo. to top it off, quite literally, we draped the canopies with toile to provide that pleasantly bucolic feel to the event. breathe in deeply and smell the fresh air, darling.

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