July 7, 2010

falling water

our clients had alluded to water when they discussed the theme for this particular wedding. so, we created this water curtain backdrop for their pelamin with raindrop crystals and stringed white dendrobium orchids and let ambient lights to play out the magic. and we love the effect!

next, our clients wished to have a sweetheart table. so, we granted them a setting where the table was placed atop a raised platform and covered in white with a grey pleated overlay. we populated the tabletop with crystal candle holders adorned with ivory roses and hydrangeas in white and blue, and placed a tall center piece of ivory roses and blue hydrangeas crowned with white phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids smack in the middle. we sprawled more roses and hydrangeas on one side of the table and let them tumble, phalaenopsis orchids and all, onto the platform and continued on to the floor in a fluffy cascade of petals. at the opposite end of the table, we placed two crystal chiavari chairs meant for our two sweethearts and adorned them with cutesy heart-shaped wreathes of roses and hydrangeas that had the guests sighing in awe.

we continued with our clients' aquatic allusion in the rest of the ballroom with similarly dressed dining tables (sans the sweetheart wreathes) filling the floor space and raindrop crystal chandeliers looming overhead. along the aisles, we lined mirrored pedestals upright and on theirs sides and decked them with crystal candle holders in florals, crystal table chandeliers and water-filled cylinders with submerged cymbidium orchids.

you may want to check out beautiful shots of our work here.

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