December 30, 2010

cirque du chic

so, what's a girl to do the day after she's married to the man of her dreams? p-a-r-t-a-y! and what a way to party than to invite all your friends to an all-night food and dance fest showered in glamorous colors and glittering lights! this was the look and feel that our client requested for her reception dinner the night after her solemnization ceremony. so, we conjured up visions of free flowing shapes in multi-colored hues filling up the spaces inside and outside the mandarin oriental ballroom starting from the winding staircase leading up to the venue.
we bathed the walls and ceiling of the ballroom in bright colors and set the tables writhing in serpentine fashion in spokes of four. where the tables met, we erected a lofty tree with four outstretched branches that rained down multi-colored satin ribbons interspersed with clear acrylic sticks that flickered when shone upon by flashing lights. around the tables, we draped the black chiavari chairs in three tones of purple covers in three alternating designs. upon the tables, we farmed a collage of flora in shades of reds, purples, greens and oranges. there were succulents, berries and rare berzilias apart from the multitudes of regular cymbidiums, brassicas, irises, hydrangeas, tulips, callas and lilacs. in the spaces between the blooms, we placed lofty ostrich plume center pieces and scattered block candles on chrome-plated candle stands and tea lights in bauble-shaped votive cups.
outside the ballroom, we laid out a lounge area with white and orange ottomans both cubic and tubular arranged around acrylic coffee tables lit from within. on certain surfaces of the tables, guests could make out the initials of the newlyweds. upon the tables, we placed cutesy posies of orange amaryllis, callas, ornithogalums, parrot tulips and pink hydrangeas. we also erected giant trees with singular canopies of orange satin and organza ribbons between the clusters of ottomans. we hung LED cubes between the ribbons and lit them up in neon green and blue. at the base of the trees, we placed orange donut sofas that we littered with plush cushions in orange and white.
on the night of the event, fireworks lit up the aisle as the newlyweds entered the ballroom and that was exactly the effect we intended for the guests to experience during the occasion.

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