December 6, 2010

water colors

last weekend, a member of our team, Abang De, celebrated the wedding of his son, Faiz. our crew members went behind the scenes to ensure that the event was exuberant in fabulous fabric, flowers and more flowers. the look and feel we created was traditional in subdued blues and whites with touches of purples, creams and bling. we believe that we managed to elevate everyone's mood with our lush floral compositions to counter the daylong cloudy and drizzly weather. we wish the newlyweds a lifelong journey of love and happiness filled with His blessings.


YOU CAN CALL ME : Miss X said...

Hello Mr Razak, i would appreciate if u could mail me the quotation for this pelamin. thank you.

cik sophia kirai said...

email me too,,

aida said...

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