December 15, 2010


recently, we collaborated with our friends from Enfiniti to create a PGL-inspired ambiance for a corporate dinner. while Enfiniti provided the hardware (actual props that were used during the musical), we provided the fabrics and flowers (of course!). we draped the main entrance in luxurious chartreuse velvet and topped it with a vernacular crown in gold. two tall gatherings of water candles brimming with mokara and james story orchids greeted guests as they entered the ballroom. inside, we decked the stage with more tall gatherings accented with fragrant tuberoses. although we would love to add floral vitality on the tables, our client only required that we cover them with fabric. so, we draped the tables with sensuous gold-threaded songket in alternating maroon and majorelle blue. here's a sampling of our work...

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