December 29, 2010

his and hers

the hantaran sets of the bride and groom were mini-theatrical plays in themselves. the bride's gifts for the groom were borne upon nine tall silver dulangs. these were covered with handmade buffled satin skirts adorned with clusters of pearls and clear diamantes. gift items were set upon oval vessels in silver, trimmed with pearl ribbons and decked with clusters of lovely white peonies and cymbidiums. the dulangs stood upon handmade trays covered with padded pin-tuffed satin trimmed with pearl-tipped ribbons.

next, the gifts for the bride were placed upon seven silver plates balanced upon tall trophy stands with classical motifs. the flowers we picked to adorn the gifts were graceful white phalaenopsis orchids and petit white freesias. turquoise crystal flowers were added garnishing to the arrangement. we finished off this hantaran set with trays in padded pin-tuffed satin similar to the previous set but with clear and turquoise diamante trimmings.